Devon Rex Breeder’s recommended Kitten Care

Devon Rex kitten Recommendations


* Please feed (Hill's Science Diet-Kitten Dry & Science Diet Kitten can wet food) Kittens need High Protein Diet. The ingredients in pet food are listed in descending order by weight from largest to smallest. For example, if chicken is the first ingredient on the label then the pet food contains more chicken than any other ingredient.
Mix “Wet Food Can“ twice a day (morning and evening) also leave dry food out in a feeder until kitten is full grown (NO RAW Diet)

* Fresh clean water is a must.  

* NO Cows milk or milk products like cheese

* HOWEVER, kittens love Goats milk or Kitten milk once/twice a day this is a great time to mix in Imuquin or L-Lysine supplement 

 * Remember to keep kittens warm -this will be a very stessful time- Use Cat Clothes or you can use a sock - cut out a hole for the head and larger hole for front feet- it will work great for kittens 

* Kittens love to play with toys, scratching posts and to climb on cat trees * Sphynx & Devon Rex cats do need baths (use baby shampoo) and their ears cleaned, yeast and oils look like dirt or ear mites, clean with dry Q-Tips (don't clean too deep you don't want to damage the eardrum)  also clip front claws at this time (info on claw clipping and training). 

*Kittens have no or small eyelashes to protect the eyes from dirt, use an eye cleaner.  If a foreign body is in the eye and is causing eye irritation use a eye ointment like (Terramycin Ophthalmic Ointment)

* Tip for alternate bathing for Sphynx and Devon Rex Kittens: Baby wipes or a damp cloth works great. 

* For the first few days keep carrier in same room with food, water and litter box(Fresh Step scoopable).   The kitten will come out when comfortable and explore.

Devon Rex Cat Devon Rex kittens

Devon Rex Cat Devon Rex kittens


Devon Rex Kittens

* A good source for these kitten products is Revival Animal Health (

* Please be very careful with cleaning/other products that are poisonous/ hazardous to animals. 

* Posionous Plants to cats:

Important to Pet Proof your home, these kittens are very smart and love to explore many items are deadly such as chocolate, Cleaners etc